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Tupperware - The history

Tupperware is the name of the popular food accessories known all over the world. The name comes from the surname of the inventor of the products and the founder of the company, Earl Tupperware. The history of the company goes back to 1946. The products offered by Tupperware quickly became very popular. People feel in love with the innovative design and functionality of the products which allowed the food to remain fresh for longer. In the beginning, the only way to buy the products was by door-to-door sales and home presentation. The home auctions attracted mostly ladies of the house. They were founding the presentations highly entertaining as it was allowing them to take a break and do something unconventional. The business quickly expanded from the USA to Canada.

In 1960 the company expanded to Europe starting with Great Britain. After only six years it was known in six European countries and started operating in Japan and Australia. Currently, Tupperware is a globally recognized brand. The company is working in more than 100 countries all over the world. The company's products are manufactured in 16 different location all over the globe. The way of acquiring the product has changed with time. Nowadays Tupperware has it's own retail and online stores, but the old school presentations are still running and people are still enjoying them.