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No Frills - The history

No Frills was established as a shopping place proposing a quick fix for rising inflation and prices of food getting higher and higher. Back in 1978 in Toronto Loblaw Companies which is a parent company to No Frills, used stores which were just about to be closed as a location for first No Frills market.

The main purpose of the store was to sell quite a basic range of products but at very low prices. Markets this type was a massive success in Europe at the time. The grand opening of the first supermarket was more successful than expected and it brought through the door more people that the shop could handle. Customers were not discouraged by the way the supermarket was working. There was close to zero customer service, the products were usually still in their cardboard boxes stacked on the shelves, the fruit and vegetable were left unwashed in their shipping cartons and there was no meat. Low prices won with any of the difficulties that No Frills was, not on purpose, creating for their customers. It took only a couple of month to open two more stores and by 1988 the company expanded to Ontario and later on to almost all Canadian provinces. At the end of 1990, there were almost 100 No Frills supermarkets. Currently, there are almost 300 discount supermarkets in a whole Canada.