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PA Supermarché - The history

The history of PA supermarkets started back in 1989. There was a family living in Montreal in a flat above a Greek supermarket. Two brothers, Sam Erimos and Taso decided to buy the space below their apartment and open their own retail business. That's how first PA shops was founded. It is still a family owned, and run company and from the beginning, the staff working in the shop were primarily members of the family and people who are employed today are treated like they are their family too.

A big success of the establishment was brought by lowest products prices available in the area. Everything was at least 20% cheaper than in competition. The owners are always negotiating prices with the supplies and buying products in rather large amounts allows them to sell them cheaper. PA supermarkets are offering more than 10 thousand products in every single shop. The company also has another branch of the discount stores called PA Nature. PA Nature is focused on selling organic and regional products in the best prices possible. The owners believe that people who are choosing their stores appreciate all the effort they put into getting local produce. The chain is also one of not too many businesses that apart from the possibility of doing online shopping offers shopping by phone. The offer is mainly aimed at the elder generation. They can phone up the shop, order what they need and get the groceries delivered home.