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Home Hardware - The history

Home Hardware is a chain of home-improvement stores. It is privately held and it was founded in Ontario, Canada in 1964 by Walter Hachborn. The company consists of 1100 individually run affiliates stores. The high number of shops helps to fight with the competition.

In 1981 Home Hardware joined their forces with Link Hardware and became well known in whole Canada. Even when the biggest competitor from the United States, The Home Depot, showed up on the market in 1994, Home Hardware pull trough, and it is still Canadian favorite. To become more powerful and to expand even more, in 2000, Home Depot acquired a chain of stores called the Beaver Lumber.

With the headquarters in St. Jacobs in Ontario, the company is run by Terry Davis, the official CEO of the company. Home Hardware is focused on producing best quality retail hardware supplies at low prices. The company has its own trusted and well-known brands like Home Gardener, Home Works, Kuraidori, Marks Choice, Classic, Unival, and River.