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Metro - The history

Metro Inc. is a company that became very big, popular on Canadian market thanks to many merges and acquires that happened since it was founded. In 1947 Rolland Jeanneau formed the company called Magasins Lasalle Stores Ltee. It was created by joining a few different self-reliant grocery shops from Verdun, Quebec. After five years there were already 43 shops and after the next two years, the number hit 50. In 1956 the company opened an additional division called Metro. Metro straight away became very successful. Unfortunately at the end of 1980 and beginning of 1990 Metro struggled financially. Because of major competition and recession, the company went through a lot of changes.

Nowadays, Metro is the second biggest market share when it comes to retail and food business in Ontario and Quebec. The company is employing more than 65 thousands people.