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Calgary Co-op - The history

The most popular store in Calgary, the Calgary Co-op, was established in the 1940s and was functioning as a project of United Farmers of Alberta and soon after in 1951 exactly, was handed over to Alberta Co-operative Wholesale Association. The overall satisfaction of society of the way that the stores were run, was pretty low. The Calgary Co-operative association was formed and to save the shop decided to buy the Calgary Co-op from ACWA. After spending $58 thousand, stores were run by the organization.

Currently, Calgary Co-op is fighting to be a top performer in food, petrol, travel, pharmacy and home healthcare sectors. Since 1956 Calgary Co-op became the biggest retailer in North America in the cooperative market sector. The group supports many charity organizations and it contributes to the local community by investing money.

The annual total sales are over $1 billion and the Calgary Co-op is an employer to more than 3 400 people.