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Linen Chest - The history

The history of Linen Chest started over 50 years ago. The young mother who was tired of not being able to decorate her home with the accessories she likes decided to take the matter into her own hands. She decided that she will make it possible, by setting up her own company, which will produce exactly what she needs in the home accessories sector. That is how, mother of 5 children, Sylvia Leibner founded the Linen Chest. From the beginning, starting with the one shop, the business was a great success. Expansion started quickly, and currently, family owned and run business has 26 stores located in different parts of Canada. The company is hiring more than 500 people, and it is one of Canada's favorite home accessories merchandiser.

The company is focusing on high quality of the products they are offering, affordable prices and best customer service. The price guaranteed deal has been loved by thousands. The company is promising to match the prices from their competitors if they are lower and what is more, to discount it for an additional 10%.