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Safeway - The history

Safeway is a chain of Canadian supermarkets from Western Canada. The company was established in 1929 as Canada Safeway Limited and first nine shops were opened. The stores quickly became very popular and the expansion of the company has started. After six years of operating, Safeway seized almost 200 shops owned by Canadian Piggly Wiggly. Never ending development, constant expansion by acquiring smaller companies and opening new shops in 1970/80 made Safeway the biggest grocery market in Western Canada. By 1990 Safeway was accused of monopolizing the retail market and increasing food prices on purpose and was forced to sell some of the stores to the competition.

In 2013 Safeway was acquired by Sobeys which is still a parent company, and the company is owned by Empire Company. There are almost 200 Safeway grocery stores in Western Canada plus more than 170 in-store drugstores, more than 60 petrol stations, 10 liquor shops and 4 distribution centers. The stores can be found in provinces of Saskatchewa, Ontario, Manitoba, British Columbia and Alberta.