Smiths’ Weekly Ad - Get Mouthwatering Discounts!

If you're looking for discounts and special offers, Smiths has a wide variety to pick from. You'll be buzzing with sheer excitement. These discounts lower the cost of a number of products, allowing you to spend less while saving more. Browse through Smith's weekly ads to determine how much you can save. Then, proceed to fill up your shopping bags and return home with a smile on your face.

Online Shopping at Smith’s – Simple and Convenient

Is it hard keeping up with your supply needs because of your tight schedule? The fact that you're pressed for time is no longer an excuse for not refilling your depleted supplies. On the Smiths website or app, you may now shop for groceries. This helps you have more time to attend to other duties. After placing your order, you can either have your things delivered to your door or pick them up at the store's curbside.

Smith’s App – Stress-free Shopping at your Fingertips

For the convenience of you and your household, Smith’s has revamped its online grocery shopping service. Use the app to make a list of what you'd want to buy and have it delivered or picked up at a nearby store. Furthermore, you can find all the best deals, discounts, and bonuses on one page. You will also save time by pre-planning your purchases using digital coupons and weekly ads, so you won't have to stay long in the store.

Store Locator - Find the Nearest Smith’s

No matter where you are, it's normal to need help finding the nearest Smith’s store. The Smith’s store locator has made it easy to find any store you like. You can never get lost when using this tool, which is available on the store's website or app. 

Your Local Smith’s Business Hours - Find Yours Here

Smith’s stores are open for business between the hours of 6 in the morning and 11 at night, Monday through Saturday. However, these hours have been adjusted for stores in certain parts of the country based on local circumstances. Also, the elderly is given a 2-hour privilege to shop for any groceries or drug products they may need. These shopping hours are usually between 6 a.m. and 8 a.m., every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday though it may also vary from store to store. 

Smith’s Pharmacy – Putting Your Wellbeing First!

A dedicated team of health specialists has been assembled by Smith’s to provide you with the best possible treatment. Pharmacists place a high premium on your well-being. You can save time and money by downloading the new PocketRx mobile app. Prescriptions for the entire family may be managed using the app. Ordering refills, syncing medications for same-day filling, and receiving notifications when your medicines are ready are all options available. To crown it all, there is no charge for delivering any prescriptions to your home. So, take a trip to Smith's Pharmacy to enjoy 60 years of customized service.

Smith’s Electronics – Electrify your Home

Smith’s is regarded as one of the top destinations for any electronic appliances. Also, Smith’s is the place to go if you seek astonishing discounts on any electronic appliance. Shop for televisions, desktop and laptop computers, cell phones, cameras, speakers, fitness watches, printers, and any other electrical appliances at Smith’s. Its weekly ad features a wide range of consumer products. For a complete list of what's on sale and whether or not you'll be able to get your hands on it, check out their weekly ads and flyers.

Smith's Meat and Seafood – Freshly Prepared Dishes

Smith's maintains that the yummy taste and quality of meat must never be tampered with. If you are yet to have a bite of Smith's meat, know that you are missing out a lot. Their meat delicacies come from different healthy sources like poultry, livestock, and others. Lovers of seafood will be pleased to know that they have not been neglected seeing as there are several delicious, savory, and healthy options to choose from.