Shopping Online at Food Lion – Order Delivery or Choose the Pickup Option

We value making shopping convenient for our customers. When you shop online, you'll get the same fresh, inexpensive products and MVP pricing you're used to. Food Lion makes online grocery shopping simple. You may place your order at or on our mobile app to save time and convenience while giving you more time to spend with family and friends doing the things that mean the most to you. You may choose from a number of high-quality products available for delivery to your home.

Food Lion Locations – Find Your Nearest Food Lion Store

As of April 25, 2022, there are 1,107 Food Lion outlets in the United States. North Carolina has the most Food Lion locations in the country, with 501 accounting for 45 percent of all Food Lion locations. Before you go, look up directions to your nearest food lion store on the internet. You may download the list of 1,107 Food Lion locations as an Excel file from our data repository, complete with geo-coded addresses, phone numbers, and open hours.

Food Lion Pharmacy – Your Source of Health

Customers at Food Lion pharmacies can now better monitor their prescriptions and overall health. All that matters is your health. In addition to delivering good food, we also have a pharmacy that offers convenient health solutions to our customers, which is essential to our pharmacists and all of us at Food Lion.

Food Lion Bakery – Enjoy Freshly Baked Goods

Many of our tasty bakery items, such as gourmet cookies, turnovers, fruit bits, and Italian and French loaves of bread, are fresh every day. Whatever method is used to produce the bakery item, it will be of the finest quality to ensure that our discerning consumers are entirely happy. You'll be able to find the ideal bakery item for any occasion.

Make the Best Black Friday Deals at Food Lion with Food Lion Black Friday 2022 Sales Ads

The Black Friday Shopping Fiesta is becoming increasingly popular around the world. There is no doubt that the end of the year is a perfect time to buy gifts for your family and yourself. Following this understanding, announced major Black Friday deals to assist customers in saving time and money when shopping and taking advantage of particular coupon codes.

Food Lion is the perfect location for low-cost groceries and other necessities. There's still plenty of time until Food Lion's Black Friday sale returns, but you'll be able to get even more amazing deals than usual on Black Friday. Check out all special offers and discounts before heading to the store or shopping online to get high-quality items. For a detailed list of sale terms and restrictions, go to, as some exclusions or product limitations may apply.

Food Lion's Black Friday sales schedule is often similar to other big supermarkets, beginning on Black Friday and ending the following Tuesday, the day after Cyber Monday. This year is no exception. However, because Black Friday 2022 will fall on the last week of November, the shopping sprees will be more special, and most establishments will open early. In 2022, Food Lion will begin offering Black Friday deals. On Black Friday, the activities will last until noon.

Black Friday is a shopping day that allows you to spend less money on more things. After making your selections, you can use the discounts to reduce your spending. These amazing discounts will help you save a lot of money, so if you see something that appeals to you, take it home right away. Don't be afraid to go shopping on that particular day. Every day, take pleasure in your life. Food Lion will also set up various promotion measures, such as free shipping, full discount codes, buy and give, particular product promotions, and so on, and the exclusive Black Friday Discount Codes information. If you wait too long, you might miss out on a chance to purchase some hot things!

What are Food Lion Business Hours on Black Friday? 

Food Lion's business hours are consistent throughout the week, but they may vary per location. On this particular day, all stores open early and close late. However, if you want to save both time and money, you can always give Food Lion a quick call to confirm their operating hours. Visiting the Food Lion store is usually a good idea.