KJ’s Market Weekly Ad

Take advantage of the store's weekly ads to ensure you don't miss out. If you're not sure when the ads are published, go to yapik.com to see all the store's promotions. 

Coupons are also available, which can be acquired digitally. 

Monthly power end specials and weekly sales are available at KJ's. If you're a frequent shopper, enrolling in KJ's card program allows you to save money. Each time you shop at the store, you gain points that can be redeemed once they have amassed a significant quantity.

KJ’s Market Mobile App and Online Service

You can have all your favorite goods delivered to your home from the store or online. Customers can also utilize KJ's Market e-service to immediately review and rate the performance of the store. 

You can get the latest KJ's Market Ads by downloading the store mobile app. You can also save an order to finish later. 

Use the store's online service to get fast delivery to your home right now!

KJ's Market Ads Locations and Hours of Service

KJ's Market grocery stores can be found throughout the United States. These stores are easily accessible if you are in Carolina or Columbia. You can also use the KJ's Market shop locator to discover a location near you. 

The majority of KJ's are open every day from 7 a.m. until 10 p.m. Almost every holiday season, the store is open; however, you can always check the store's website to see when they are closed.

KJ’s Market 

KJ’s Market is known as one of the great community stores like Bealls, Baker’s, H Mart Etc. The store has been striving to ensure the community gets what they desire at an affordable price which the store is always a step closer to every day.

You can find baked foods, locally sourced goods, fresh-cut meat, fresh Deli, and many others in the store.

The family company takes pride in building strong relationships with its customers and anticipating their requirements before they express them. Within the working hours of KJ's Market groceries, you can expect customized attention from their expert personnel.

Take some action to get some great experience at the store today.

KJ’s Market Locally Sourced Produce

KJ's Markets is devoted to its production. They source locally and seasonally for all their stores in South Carolina and Georgia. Freshly cut fruits and veggies are available at all KJ's for your convenience.

KJ’s Market 2022 Black Friday

Black Friday is a fantastic time to save money. There are several fantastic deals and promotions on Black Friday this year. 

You may learn about all this year's Black Friday offers, which include groceries and a variety of other things, by routinely checking the KJ's Market webpage or yapik.com.