Don Quijote Hawaii - Weekly Ad

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Don Quijote Hawaii - App and Online Service

Do you wish to do shopping at your convenient time? Or do you want to have access to Don Quijote Hawaii special deals without leaving your home? 

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Don Quijote Hawaii Store - Hours and Locations

A typical Don Quijote store, called in Japan "Donki," is a 24-hour megastore jam-packed with products in every corner and cranny and adorned with brightly colored discount signs. 

You may obtain your stuff at any time of day because the store is open 24 hours a day.

The international shop has approximately 160 locations in Japan as of 2021, including 13 in Singapore, 8 in Hong Kong, 3 in Hawaii and Malaysia, 5 in Bangkok (1 opening in 2022), 2 in Taiwan, and 1 in Macau.

To find the nearest store in your location, check the store website or use the store locator.

Don Quijote Hawaii -The Mega Store

Don Quijote Hawaii is a supermarket and convenience store in Honolulu, Pearl City, and Waipahu, Hawaii. Don Quijote stores set themselves apart from competitors like Walmart Kroger Aldi etc., by focusing on culture. 

This store wants its customers to get the full experience, from a varied selection of unusual items to humorous placards and a strong emphasis on entertainment. 

Donpen, the company's penguin mascot, adds levity to everything it does. Don Quijote shops serve everyday necessities such as meat, fruit, pantry products, baked goods, drinks, and much more.

Don Quijote Hawaii’s Kitchen

You may get prepared sushi and pork eggplant with miso sauce, as well as other dishes in the store kitchen.  

Don Quijote is like a store of Don Don Donki, a Japanese brand specialty store that promotes Japanese food and culture in Hong Kong and Singapore.

Don Quijote Hawaii- 2022 Black Friday

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