C-Town Weekly Ad

C-Town Store has some fantastic weekly deals that may be found in the store's weekly ads or flyers. Discounts are available on vase quantities of products.

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C-Town App and Online Service

C-town can also bring goods straight to your front door. Simply choose the nearest accessible C-town supermarket, add the items to your cart, and place your order. 

You can also use the store mobile to execute your online service with ease and comfort.

Hours and Locations of C-town Stores

If you want to know when your local C-town market opens, look it up online. Varied stores may have different hours of operation, especially on Saturdays and Sundays, so double-check to see whether the one you wish to visit is open.

Finding C-Town is easy, all you must do is use the store locator to find the nearest one to you.

C-town Grocery Shopping

There's no better place to buy groceries than the supermarket in C-Town. 

With over 200 locations throughout Connecticut, Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania, there's a C-town near you if you reside in one of those states. 

The fact that C town supermarkets are privately owned and run distinguishes them distinct from other grocery shops such as Kroger, Lidl, Target, Walmart, and others. 

They pool their resources to give reduced costs and fresher food to you, the client.   The c-town supermarket provides everything you need, from fruit to cold cuts at the deli.

C-Town Bakery

Get freshly baked bread today at C-Town. You can perceive the bread aroma from afar. 

The slices of bread in the bakery department are well arranged for customers and you can also get them at an affordable price.

C-Town 2022 Black Friday

C-Town's largest sale of the year is Black Friday. By staying up to speed on the specials and offers for this year's Black, you may save a lot of money. It should not be Black Friday if you are going to skip any day in C-Town. 

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