Be on the Lookout for Haggen's Weekly Ads and Flyers for the Best Prices and Promotions

A sneak peeks at Haggen's weekly ads will show you all the latest deals. For those looking for lower costs at any of the company's locations, Haggen ads and flyers will provide you with a wide range of appealing options.

Deliveries are Made on Demand by Haggen

Use the Haggen app to make your online shopping experience more enjoyable. Use this app to save money and receive exclusive deals whenever you shop at any of Haggen’s stores. Check your phone for discounts and special promotions as you shop.

You Can Access the Best Deals Right Now Using Haggen's App

Fancy doing all of your shopping in just a few short minutes? You can do that thanks to the Haggen software, which makes it feasible. Spending less and getting more out of your shopping experience is a win-win. Make a list of things you'd like to acquire as you travel around the store and wrap up your shopping.

Locate the Haggen Stores Closest to You

Searching for a nearby store may not be something you look forward to doing. To make the search stress-free, you can use the store locator on their app and website to locate the nearest Haggen outlet. You can use it to find a retailer in your neighborhood.

Confirm Haggen Working Hours

The Haggen outlets are usually open for transactions between 5 am, and 12 am throughout each week. However, local business hours may be modified with short notice in times of unforeseen circumstances. Utilize the store locator to get each location's precise opening and closing times. In the end, it is not worthwhile to go a great distance just to face shut doors. 

You Can Rely on Haggen Bakery for Daily Sweetness

The goal of Haggen Bakery is to serve you the tastiest and healthiest cuisine. As a way to ensure your satisfaction, it offers a wide choice of bread, donuts, rolls, buns,  and other baked goods. Start your day with some of Haggen's amazing baked treats! It's also easy to get pre-packaged treats like cookies and cakes.

Get Quality Health Care at an Affordable Price at Haggen Pharmacy!

Patients with minor and major medical issues alike can benefit from the specialized pharmaceutical services provided by Haggen’s licensed pharmacists. There are a variety of medical procedures and examinations they carry out as well. You may also use your Haggen online pharmacy to follow up on the status of your prescription pills, rearrange them, and set up continuous alerts.

Haggen Black Fridays are the Best!

For Haggen's customers, every Black Friday is an important shopping extravaganza. Customers are more inclined to buy numerous items when substantial savings can be made. Finally, at the end of each Black Friday, the air is filled with a sense of fulfillment.