Maceys Weekly Ad - Head Home With the Best Deals 

With Maceys, you can get several great deals all the time. You can't go wrong with special offers. Through its weekly ads and sales, Maceys allows customers to stock up on a variety of goods. Online or in-store, you have two options for getting your hands on the weekly specials flyer.

Online Shopping at Maceys – Get Your Orders Delivered Anyhow You Want 

Shopping online has become a prevalent way of satisfying your needs and wants. Maceys helps you shop online with ease. Just shop and place your orders on the Maceys app or website. You have the delivery and pickup options to pick from to claim your purchased item.

Maceys Application – Save Money and Time

What if you could get your shopping done in a fraction of the time? Well, you can with the Maceys app! Using the app would not only save your time but enhance your shopping experience to a whole new level and help you save money! 

It's a great way to keep track of everything you need to buy in the future! Custom entries can be created from within the app or from scratch. While browsing the store, simply cross off your purchases as you go! Features such as emailing a list of contacts are included.

Maceys Locations – Search for the Nearest Maceys Store

You'll need some help finding the closest store to you, as there are 17 locations spread across the Wasatch Front, Toole, and Logan. Use the store locator on the Maceys website or mobile application to learn where the nearest Maceys location is located near you.

Maceys Operating Hours – Know Your Local Store Hours

Maceys stores are usually open on holidays. The only exception to this rule is that all of its locations are typically closed on Christmas Day. There are fewer hours for the other holidays. You should, however, be aware that local stores may change their operating hours and operate at different times when necessary. The store locator can help you find out the store's hours. This option is better than driving for miles only to find a closed store.

Maceys Pharmacy – Get Quality Health Care

Maceys offers specialized pharmacy services that allow them treat both long-term and complex conditions. In addition to strep testing, cold sore treatment, flu shots, and women's health solutions, it provides a variety of convenient clinical services (UTI and yeast infection treatment and written birth control prescriptions).

You can also refill your prescriptions, track their progress, and set up recurring reminders through your Maceys online pharmacy.

Maceys Bakery – Satisfy Your Taste Buds With Freshly Baked Goods

The bakers at Maceys bakery are some of the finest, and they love what they do; the love is evident in their works. You can get donuts, cakes, and bread, among other baked goods, in the store. You can also order delicious custom and personalized cakes for your events. You can count on Maceys to deliver the freshest baked goods every day of the week, no matter the occasion.

Maceys Black Friday Sale – A Great Time to Get Great Deals on All Products

Maceys' Black Friday sale is a special event for many of its customers. Because of the huge discounts it offers, customers can't resist purchasing these products. Ultimately, everyone goes home feeling fulfilled at the end of each sale.