BonTon Deals and Specials  

When you make BonTon your plug for wears, you enjoy free shipping of items ordered, discounts when you use coupons, and incredible weekly deals. What you buy from BonTon is exactly what you get. 

Do you know you do not necessarily need to spend heavily on clothes? Thanks to the fantastic offers at BonTon, you can save a great deal by buying clothes. With these offers, you spend less on clothing and enjoy other side benefits from BonTon. Always look out for the BonTon fliers to get full details on the hot deals that come with each week. 

Shopping Online with BonTon 

When you buy from BonTon, you don't need to worry about going to a physical outlet. You do not even have to send someone to go on your behalf. To shop online, just go to the BonTon website, choose the category you want to buy from, decide what you want, and place your order for whatever you have picked. Your order will be delivered to your desired location. All you will need to do is step out of your door to pick them up. It's as easy as that!

BonTon Clothing for Kids

On BonTon, you can access quality and affordable clothes for your kids. You have a variety of clothes, toys, and baby accessories to choose from. Socks, teddies, beanie storage cases, and many more are available in the stores. Go ahead to the kiddies section and pick out the items of your choice.

BonTon Women's Fashion 

Not only wears and accessories for kids are available on BonTon. Women with a diverse taste for fashion can also get whatever clothing items they desire on BonTon. If you're a fashion lover and have been wondering where you can get your lovely clothes from, you should check out the women's section at BonTon. You will be presented with a variety of options to buy from, including skirts, blouses, gowns, t-shirts, and more.

BonTon Beauty and Skincare

The skincare market is a delicate one. You have to be careful before using anything on your skin. However, you do not have to worry too much when buying your skincare products from BonTon. There are a lot of top skincare brands available in the BonTon store. Asides from skincare products, you can also buy perfumes, colognes, organic lotions, and soaps on BonTon. You can rest assured that any skin product you get from BonTon is safe to use on your skin. 

BonTon Men's Fashion

Do you need male shoes, accessories, or wears? Then BonTon is the perfect place for you to get them from. Top male wear brands are available at BonTon, and you can buy from any of your choices. If you are shopping online, the steps are the same as when purchasing anything from the other categories. 

BonTon Locations and Hours

BonTon stores are open all year-round, including on major holidays. However, you won't find any of its stores open on the Sundays of Christmas and Easter. The business is open as usual on all other holidays. 

Use the online store locator to find a BonTon store near you. You can also check its hours of operation with the locator. You should take note that store hours can vary depending on the location. 

BonTon Black Friday 2022

Have you ever encountered somebody who refused a discount? It is unlikely to happen.   That is why Black Friday at BonTon is always a big deal for shoppers. Since everyone is out to grab as many deals as possible, the sales rate typically skyrockets. It's the one time shoppers can snag their ideal items at a steal. Don’t miss out on the Black Friday 2022 deals.