Rite Aid's weekly sales ads offer discounted groceries

Rite Aid weekly deals change every week, so if you see anything you want on sale, you'll have to act quickly. To find out about forthcoming offers and sales, go through the weekly ad for the Rite Aid near you as well as the Rite Aid Pharmacy near you. 

So, if you want to know what's on sale at Rite Aid, check out their weekly sales flier. Watch for the Rite Aid Black Friday ad as well. Even though it only happens once a year, the savings are enormous. Also, don't overlook the Rite Aid app, which offers several discounts.

Shop online at Rite Aid and on the go with the Rite Aid Mobile App

With the Rite Aid App, you can get help as you shop online. Rite Aid recognizes the value of customer health, which is why it offers a professional delivery service to bring your medicines to your door so you can stay healthy.

Hours and Locations of Rite Aid Stores

Use the store finder tool to identify the Rite Aid location that interests you today, and the hours will be shown there. Closer to the date, holiday hours will be advertised. Some Rite Aid stores are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Rite Aid is one of the few pharmacy chains with a nationwide presence. From California to New York, Rite Aid pharmacies cater to the health requirements of Americans. 

Finding the Rite Aid that is most convenient for you might be difficult with hundreds of stores. However, utilizing the shop location tool and inputting your zip code is all it takes. Simply locate the Rite Aid on the map that is closest to you.

Rite Aid has everything you need for your Health

The typical size of a Rite Aid shop is 12,750 square feet, with a professional pharmacy, a comprehensive line of health and personal care items, a variety of general merchandise, and over 1,900 Rite Aid brand products. 

More than a quarter of Rite Aid locations have a GNC "store-within-the-store" thanks to a partnership with General Nutrition Companies, Inc. (GNC), a prominent supplier of specialty vitamins and supplements. 

Prescription medicine revenue accounts for around 63% of overall revenues.  More than half of the company's locations are self-contained, nearly 40% have a drive-through pharmacy, and nearly 70% have a one-hour photofinishing section. Rite Aid operates 12 distribution hubs and overflow storage facilities to keep its shops stocked.

You'll Stay Healthy with Rite Aid Pharmacy 

Rite Aid Pharmacy employs qualified pharmaceutics specialists who are always willing to help and advise consumers on their health and well-being. 

Prescriptions, over-the-counter medications, vitamins, and supplements are all available. Everything you need to keep healthy is available at Rite Aid Pharmacy.

Rite Aid 2022 Black Friday

In Rite Aid's 2022 Black Friday ad, various holiday cards and gift wrap, as well as popular presents, are Buy One, Get Two Free. Black Friday also help save money throughout the drugstore. On Black Friday, Rite Aid locations will open at 7 a.m., but the discount will extend all weekend and will be accessible online as well.  Black Friday specials are available at Rite Aid stores nationwide. It consists of holiday décor, toys, stocking stuffers, and Christmas candies are usually the largest saves, but they will also feature minor reductions on beauty and health items, like what you'd see in a standard weekly sales flyer.