Pick n Pay BLACK WEEK 2021 - -7 - Valid from 2021/11/25 until 2021/11/28 (Page 2)

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Pick n Pay Catalogue from 2021/11/25

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moët when you swipe windhoek premium draught 24x 4x440ml non- returnable bottles or cans save r141 jc le roux when you swipe chivas regal 12-year-old blended scotch whisky 750ml dhoek balentine іат каотик windhoek ulindhoek draucht bendor slar base maraipate moet & chandon imperial praight dunight urut al premium suu chivas regal maal premium jcle roux save r91 save r40 save r131 blendido when you swipe when you swipe windhoek windhoek when you swipe beefeater gin assorted 750ml each ballantine's finest blended scotch whisky 750ml rupert & rothschild classique 750ml slught draught windhoek draught save r115 when you swipe moet & chandon brut imperial champagne 750ml save r25 when you swipe any buy any 2 x cadbury dairy milk chocolate slab assorted any 1x freebie assorted 7kg black friday 7kg dictack better valve when you swipe smart both the smart way shopper get up to poce bournville potatoes dairy milka cadbur no name potatoes and onions pocket 7kg cadbury dairy milk fruit & nut mnap bubbly deals get this r27 freebie customer fresh brera butcher onions 1kg fresh chicken braai pack boys classic keep refrigerated when you swipe equals 21.50 each clover fruits of the forest or classic low fat dairy snack assorted 1kg fruits forest any beli classic mer classic per kg airy snack with granadila granadilla equals 11.33 each when you swipe clover classic smooth low fat dairy snack pnp fresh chicken braaipack 165 classic low eat dairy snack with strawberry strawberry பிக classic classic pick n pay fishmonger's 1kg uncooked ungraded prawn meat 4kg enterprise pealed and deveined prawns ready to eat save r23 clover amasi othando medium cream maas 4kg vii save r90 when you swipe pnp fishmonger's prawn meat save r35 ® amasi othando header maas when you swipe cheer medium crean enterprise viennas assorted 1kg each surasti clorur pick n pay local restrictions on the sale of liquor may apply

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