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dis-chem pharmacies reeee! staying healthy dis-chem clinic connect healthforce made easy! connecting you to dis-chem let our nurses & virtual doctors take care of you & your family scan me wellness clinic important immunisation reminder for parents scan me to book dis-ch your dis-chem wellness clinic provides crucial immunisations and boosters that protect your children against infections and diseases dis-chem packmymeds repeat medicines made easy ensure you receive your scan me shop online delivered to your door or collect for free from any dis-chem store nationwide free delivery on orders of 600⁰⁰ or more no charge for collection in-store scan me healthy living essentials save 69⁰0** each berocca berocca berocca boost each was 268⁹5 new lifegain advanced nutritional supplement assist the body to regain prysical strengt value pack chocolate flavour ultra daily supplements 1l value see pages 2-11 for more healthy living essential offers cost safeguard hygienic shower & bath daily clean save 35⁰0* kex kotex ultra pads total 10 everyday essentials! herbex thyroid active instant discount 60⁰0* was 184.⁹5 dental care cheapest free per pack benefit price "thyroid active lifegain advanced nutritional supplement multi herbex on selected dental brands save 10⁰⁰* safeguard hygienic shower & bath value pack was 59⁹5 8hr 229er pack benefit price see page 4 for more daily supplement offers banded pack lillets save prospan 13⁰⁰* organics shampoo or conditioner vitality prospanⓡ cough syrup cool mint listerine biogen plat ogen ulti vitamin plus taminplus see pages 12-22 for more everyday essential offers assorted was 149⁹5 instant discount off organics™ save 39⁹⁰ onding & almond on shampoo anti hairfall cough syrup non dating natural nursiment heridol oral-b see pages 18 and 19 for dental bundle deals lil-lets essentials thick pads scented or unscented biogen multivitamin plus banded pack plus free sinte million comforts help keep millions of girls in school simply purchase a pack of sanitary pads from our participating brands and they will match every purchase with an equal donation comfitex organics™ calcar conditioner inco maxi thick per pack comfitex teenz pads 10-pack see page 15 for details assorted per

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