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Pick n Pay Catalogue from 2021/11/25

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buy any 2 x count pushkin flavoured vodka assorted 750ml and get any 1x liqui fruit 100% fruit juice blend buy any 1x russian bear vodka assorted 750ml and get schweppes lemonade buy any 1 x kwv cruxdand gin assorted 750mland get schweppes lemonade buy any hunter's baget any 6-pack freebie save r65 save r36 save r76 save r20 when you swipe when you swipe when you swipe when you swipe limark russian bear hunter's dry fruit vodka pushkishki schweppes schweppes new get this r89.99 count freebied pushkin shkin oney get this r16.99 get this r25.99 freebie cruxland gen freebie get this r16.99 freebie counters sebel red hunter's apple both save r80 buy angostura aromatic bitters 200mland get schweppes soda water and lemonade 1 litre freebies when you swipe espolon reposado tequila glowing up save r26 when you swipe buy any imagin gin assorted 75ml and any schweppes save r46 when you swipe save r40 when you swipe stretton's triple berry or wid berries gin 750ml each save r30 when you swipe tanqueray london dry gin 750ml gift pack sacha water 1l sed istretton's imagin new easy open schweppes schwepp schweppes espolonterlihat tanqueray class gin bernini bernin berninho get this r33.98 freebies scan me was 98.99 selected stores nca equals 54.50 each when you swipe save r15 belgravia spirit cooler assorted 6x 275ml non-returnable bottles per pack equals 59.50 each when you swipe strong equals r72 each flying fish flavoured beer assorted 6x500ml cans flyin ktreme apple equals 69.50 each when you swipe extreme energy cider assorted 4 x 440ml cans brutal fruit sparking spritzer assorted 9x375ml non-return strongbow cider assorted 6x330ml non-returnable bottles strongbow apple belgravia london gin extreme brutal fruit lyin lying fish gold apple sowe save r40 beefeater london dry gin 750ml gift pack wemon save now selected stores striped stella artons docha ciao stella artois lager premium was r199 hooch امیر امینی aer - ne hor save r30 equals r67 each when you swipe vuuga save r22 ciao spirit cooler assorted 2 litre each hooch spirit cooler assorted 6x275ml non-returnable bottles save r10 striped horse premium non-returnable bottles non-returnable bottles local restrictions on the sale of liquor may apply

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