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dis-chem smart savings sanex shower gel assorted concentrate save per pack satiskin save per pack beacon sanex men odour protect shower gel ate eggs save per pack save berry fantasy auxurious sanex zero% value packs cheapest free on any sanex shower gels concentran refill new satiskin sanex zero shower gel vitamin a&e satiskin foam bath concentrated refill was 6995 value pack assorted save cocoa butter mallows new beacon hens eggs was 54⁹5 new pack save 35⁰0* indt's whabumion extra beacon milk chocolate marshmallow eggs 36-pack cross action ⓒ oral-b vitality gillette fusion5 or venus smooth per dis-chem new store openings come in and enjoy the best advice widest range and lowest prices gillette fusion5 oral-b vitality 150 cross action powerbrush assorted 25%** off gillette fusion 5-blade cartridges 6-pack and venus smooth 3-blade cartridges 8-pack special pack venus vitaliti 25%** off all oral-b power toothbrushes and replacement powerbrush heads 4-pack and 2-pack lindt swiss premium gold chocolate bar each was 154⁹5 extra value pack finell goldhase oral-b precision clean powerbrush heads value pack oral-b value pack cadbury fluffies mallow eggs save per pack hollow egg glopen egg available to dis-chem health policyholders look out for the extra icon in-store or online to identify qualifying products cristial cam caramel water filter refills available in-store fru my time crystal water fiation cryst water filter jug rose 2.4 litres • bpa-free water pitcher • advanced filter technology • flip top lid that makes refilling a breeze small pitcher comes with x water filter was 249⁹5 save 60⁰0* creatine 4.99% pack was 54⁹5 save 40⁰0* roaste seeds new vraway tulip cadbury fluffies chocolate covered mallow eggs box 30-pack lindt save goldhase milk chocolate 1000* mini bunnies flower edition furgery offlamal dis-chem crystal wa tation system crystal water filter jug tulip 3.3 litres • one filter can replace up to 300 x standard 500ml plastic water bottles helps soften tap water removes mechanical impurities primal creatine 5000 was 389⁹5 more joyful easter deals pages 2-3 nestlé smarties easter house was 109⁹5 parent&child benefits dis-chem smiles tiny dove

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