Shopping during the Coronavirus


I’m a bit of a recreational shopper. Bored? I’m off to the shops. Cabin fever? I’m sure I need something at the mall. So, this whole lockdown has brought with it a sense of personal loss. I am well aware that I am better off than many who are sick or who have loved one’s in hospital and so I count my blessings every day. I still need to get out though!


On day three of the lockdown, I thought that I had found the answer – online shopping. I spent that Sunday afternoon immersed in the grocery aisles of one of our premium food stores. What bliss! I ordered more than I would normally have shopped for and justified it with the fact that I wouldn’t be spending much for the next 21 days or, heaven forbid, longer. 

I checked out my shopping and booked a delivery for Wednesday, the first available slot. What I hadn’t noticed was that the delivery wasn’t planned for that week but for the following Wednesday. So much for that.

So maybe the online queues have reduced with the addition of Uber Eats and deliveries added to the options, but my first foray into online grocery shopping was somewhat disappointing. So now, I’ll don my facemask, and make off to my local grocery store.