Keeping the children busy during lockdown


Well the kids have been home for more than a month now and it’s set to last at least another three weeks. If you’re wondering how to keep them entertained, you’re not alone. On the 20th March the United Nations estimated that 1.25 billion children are at home because of the Coronavirus. 


Being on lock down is somewhat like embarking on a road trip. At first the whole family is excited and happy. As time passes, the kids get bored. They start to bicker and the road ahead seems endless. 

There are ways that you can find to make the lockdown easier and enjoy the time with your family. Here are some suggestions:


Limit screen time

It is all too easy to allow children to sit in front of the television watching their favourite channels or playing X-Box, but it’s a waste of time, zoning out in front of the screen. Likewise, home schooling should include time away from the PC screen. Try getting the children to read, draw or play a musical instrument or read to them yourself. If you can, print worksheets and get them to do some work with pen and pencil.


Get creative

There’s nothing like creativity to happily wile away the hours. Bake a cake and get the children to ice it. Teach your children to knit, crochet or sew. Get the paints and crayons out and consider drawing along themes. If you don’t have paints you can make your own by mixing half a cup of flour and salt with half a cup of water and then add food colouring. Pull out your old magazines and cut out pictures to make collages. Make costumes from discarded items like cardboard and plastic. Try storytelling, karaoke or singalongs. Creativity is also a form of learning.