Black Friday 2022

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Make the Most of the Best Black Friday Deals With Black Friday 2022 Catalogues in South Africa

To many people, Black Friday means adding more products to the cart and paying less, and it is indeed one of the best sales all year with really good offers and top deals listed in catalogues, the opportunity to shop online and more amenities. However, Black Friday also has, or more precisely used to have, a darker side to it. Have you been asking yourself what exactly is Black Friday and why do they call it that? Where did Black Friday come from and when did it start? What day is Black Friday on this year? When does the Black Friday sale start and end? Finally, when do Black Friday 2022 ads come out? Strap on, because you are just about to find out the answers to all of these questions, and more.

Black Friday is by far the biggest shopping event in the whole year, when you can stumble upon the best in-store sales and specials as well as online deals on practically all kinds of products, from clothing, jewelry and watches through sporting goods, house décor elements and electronic equipment to grocery items, delicious foods and various services, in a wide range of chain and retail stores, which are all listed in Black Friday catalogues, also known as ads, flyers, leaflets or circulars, shortly before the event. If you want to  find out what are the best deals prepared by various stores for Black Friday 2022, you should look for Black Friday sales catalogues. It is advisable to keep an eye out on the preview of Black Friday catalogues in order to get ahead of everyone else in discovering what will be on sale this year. Thanks to the deals listed in Black Friday 2022 sales catalogues, you will be able to buy luxury and high-quality goods at extremely affordable prices.

What are the Origins of Black Friday?

The history of Black Friday is quite a gripping one. Many people are curious what exactly is Black Friday, what is the meaning of this term, and why is it called “black”? Let’s reach back to the origin of Black Friday sales and deals. Contrary to popular belief, Black Friday did not exactly originate in the USA but… in Canada. The story begins in Toronto, in 1904, at a Canadian department store Eaton’s, which decided to organize the first Thanksgiving Parade. They brought Santa on a wagon through the streets of the city, and each following year new additions where made to the spectacle, like eight live reindeers to pull Santa’s “sleigh” in 1913, seven floats representing nursery rhymes, or fairy-tale characters that joined Santa by 1916. The parade became an instant hit and grew bigger every year!


Why is Black Friday Called Black Friday?

Why do they call it Black Friday? The name “Black Friday” first appeared in print (and became famous because of that) in 1966. It was used by Philadelphia Police Department to describe chaos caused by customers in a shopping frenzy at downtown stores. Sadly, for many years, the term was used pejoratively and reflected the violence and competition among customers. There were cases of injuries and even deaths, thus people started using the term “Black-Eye Friday”.

The name Black Friday may also reflect the day when retailers see their earnings go up, so the accountants can mark those profits "in the black".

Black Friday – The Biggest Sale of the Year in the World and South Africa

Although the story may appear a bit dark, thankfully, in the past couple of years things have changed dramatically for the better and Black Friday acquired much more positive connotations. Now, it is associated with top in-store and online deals and sales listed in Black Friday catalogues. It is the best time in the whole year to fill up your pantry, stock up on everything you need and want and to buy Christmas gifts without splurging! The opportunity to shop online via the Internet also helped in relieving tension in brick-and-mortar stores.

On Black Friday, top offers and deals listed in catalogues, and available via coupons and promo codes, attract people who look for electronics, watches and other luxury goods for the best prices.

When is Black Friday?

Have you been asking yourself “how many days are left until Black Friday”? To find out what day Black Friday is on this year, just look into a calendar and search for the fourth week of November – Black Friday is always the Friday that comes right after Thanksgiving. When and what time does Black Friday start this year? In 2022, in the Republic of South Africa as well as the rest of the world, Black Friday with its top deals listed in sales catalogues, also called flyers, leaflets or ads, starts on the 27th of November. The Black Friday opening hours depend on a particular store so to be sure about the business hours of the store of your choice, better check for them online before going shopping.

Black Friday vs. Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday is the first Monday after Thanksgiving, and as its name implies, it is the time when shoppers can find great deals and savings when shopping online – this sales event originated in 2005 as an answer to traditional sales at physical locations. Because of the proximity of the events, many people ask themselves which of them is better – Black Friday or Cyber Monday? When you compare Black Friday vs. Cyber Monday, you will see that both events have their pros. Black Friday comes sooner, so the selection of products on sale is usually much bigger, however, on Cyber Monday you may find bigger discounts, because stores are getting rid of their stock to introduce new collections. You can shop for top Black Friday deals and specials online or you can also access them in brick-and-mortar stores.

Grab the Best Online and In-Store Black Friday Deals Listed in Catalogues in South Africa

What day is Black Friday on this year? In 2022, the event falls on the 25th of November. Get fresh news about the best upcoming Black Friday deals and offers by previewing Black Friday 2022 catalogues, also called ads, flyers or leaflets, and search for a wide range of luxury products and more. It would be terrible waking up on the 25th of November and thinking “It’s Black Friday, and I haven’t heard any news, I don’t know anything about top deals, best sales at any online store or a store near me!”.  Browse the catalogues in search of Black Friday news, ads, deals, watch deals, specials, opening hours, etc.. According to predictions for 2022 and upcoming years, Black Friday offers will allow shoppers to get more and more savings!