From agriculture, forestry and construction to your lawn and garden… there is nothing a John Deere can’t do — and, after over 175 years of innovation, we shouldn’t be surprised that John Deere has become synonymous with quality as well.

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John Deere – History

Since its founding in 1837, John Deere has delivered quality products and services to support those linked to the land. John Deere received his first patent in 1864 for the molds used in casting steel ploughs. Two more patents follow shortly after and, while the founder died in 1886, the name John Deere lived on in the quality products and services still available across the world.

John Deere products have not only changed the way the land is worked and harvested but has done so in leaps and bounds over the past 175-odd years. Since 2014 John Deere’s Intelligent Solutions Group has further productivity by integrating technology with equipment… who knows what the future may hold?

But the core values of integrity, quality, commitment, and innovation is still as much a part of John Deere as it was in 1837 and is found in every product, service and opportunity offered.